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"Thank you for the enormous part you have played in getting us to this point. Your Feuerestein work is core to our personal development and wellbeing, and for that to be judged outstanding gives us great confidence to carry on."


- Lawrence Crilly, Headteacher, Rimrose Hope CofE Primary School, Liverpool.
Ofsted Report 2023 (PDF)




Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment Standard Level 1 (10 years to adult) and Basic Level 1 (3 to 9 years) certificate courses.

The courses target the development of cognitive functions that are readily transferable to all educational and everyday life situations.


Flexible course dates and times delivered online starting May 2023


For information and registration contact Billy, Associate Trainer for the Feuerstein Institute in Jerusalem (The International Centre for the Enhancement of Learning Potential)


Mob: 07538 693 092






Evaluations from training courses

Please contact Accredited Trainer Billy O’Neill for further information about Feuerstein training courses:

Tel: 0753 869 3092

Email: billy@feuersteintraining.co.uk


About Trainer Billy O’Neill

Billy O'Neill with Professor Feuerstein

Billy O'Neill is an Associate trainer for the Feuerstein Institute (The International Centre for the Enhancement of Learning Potential).

Billy was Deputy Headteacher at a school for students with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. He also taught in mainstream schools and special day and residential schools. He introduced Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment programme (FIE) to his school in 1992 and carried out a pilot study in 1994 which led to staff in special and mainstream schools in education authorities across Scotland being actively involved in training and practice using FIE and Mediated Learning.

Following intensive research, training and piloting he decided to place the theory and methodology of Feuerstein at the centre of the school's philosophy and to integrate the principles and practices of mediated learning experience into the curriculum. Billy teaches and assesses students, supervises and trains professional educators and parents, and he is regularly invited to present at schools and conferences. His work was nominated for a COSLA Excellence Award in Education in 2002/3.


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