Feuerstein Training

Feuerstein Training

Professor Reuven Feuerstein is recognised by key academics worldwide as the world's greatest educator of our generation. Feuerstein's theory and methodology offer a visionary way forward to address many of the current education agenda issues in Scotland today. Find out more in the About and Who Can Benefit? sections.

At Feuerstein Training, we provide courses in Instrumental Enrichment (IE) and Mediated Learning (MLE) which focus on transforming passive and dependent learners, of all ages, into more active self-motivated students. Our courses are appropriate for teachers, lecturers, psychologists, social workers, parents and others working with children, adolescents and adults. The Courses section explains more.

Feuerstein Training has been working in partnership with the Scottish Borders Education Authority since 2005, equipping teachers to deliver to vulnerable pupils with a history of underachieving due to social, emotional or behavioural problems.


"One of the most significant findings is that teachers reported progress over six months for over three-quarters of the sample of 67 pupils that they rated on 6 aspects of cognitive functioning targeted by the FIE programme, all of which are connected with school attainment. It is impressive that teachers reported that 98 per cent improved on one particular and important aspect: ‘correction of deficient cognitive functions’... 

...It appears that the FIE pupils, with a history of social, emotional or behavioural needs, not only retained what they learned, but also generalised their learning to a new task."

'Key Findings' extract from the Evaluation Report of the Feuerstein Partnership project in the Scottish Borders Education Aurthority, 23 April 2007. Read the full report..


"When your 10-year-old daughter comes home from school and starts talking about "thinking" and then says, "Mum, you know about these cognitive functions.", your reaction may well be that of parent Bronwen Irving - "Sorry? What?"

What has happened is: your child has come across the ideas and methods of clinical psychologist Reuven Feuerstein."

Article about the Feuerstein Centre's involvement in the Feuerstein Partnership project, Borders Education Authority. TES Friday 16 February 2007. Read the full article..

Our courses are provided through Feuerstein Training. Find out more about future training opportunities and about Billy O'Neill, Accredited Trainer, on the Training page.


The Feuerstein Centre's Mission:

  • to place Professor Reuven Feuerstein’s theory of Structural Cognitive Modifiability and Mediated Learning Experience at the centre of the philosophy of education in Scotland.
  • to empower educators (including parents) to prepare students for learning in the 21st century.
  • to help break the cycle of successive generations failing to cope with the demands of society due to lack of mediated learning experience.

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