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We do not know what content our children will have to deal with in 20 years’ time. However, we do know that in order to deal with living in a rapidly changing world, they will have to be flexible, adaptable thinkers and learners in the 21st century, be able to learn from new experiences that they may encounter and adapt their learning for different situations.

Many children come to school unprepared for learning. Because of a lack of quality mediated Learning experiences they don’t have the cognitive tools (thinking skills) sufficiently developed in order to process the curriculum or the social and emotional skills necessary in order to integrate into school life. Many of these children quickly fall behind their peers and because education is cumulative the gap often gets wider as they progress through the system.

The consequence is that some become passive learners while others become disruptive. The disruptive behaviour often leads to anti-social behaviour in the community which can lead to criminal activities.
Aims of Parenting course:

  1. To increase  parents awareness of the importance of the Mediated Learning Experience as an active and effective tool for improving their children’s cognitive, social and emotional development.
  2. To offer parents various methods of activity to improve their child’s development through interaction during normal, daily life activities.

The parenting course is designed to help parents and carers to improve their ability in mediating cognitive skills to their children in order to develop the pre-requisite thinking and learning skills necessary for formal, social, emotional and life-long learning.

This course is also important for young, prospective parents as it will help equip them with the knowledge and skills to help break the cycle of successive generations experiencing formal, social and emotional difficulties due to a lack of quality mediated learning experiences.



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