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Awareness Raising - an introduction to Feuerstein’s Theory and Methodology

Who is it for?: Educators, psychologists, employers, other specialists and parents
Summary: Learn how the theories and methods developed by Professor Reuven Feuerstein can significantly enhance teaching and learning.

FIE Basic Level 1 Instrumental Enrichment for Young Children (3-9 years)

Who is it for?: Certificate course for teachers, psychologists, support staff and parents working with children and students in Nursery, Primary, Special and Further Education. Some of the instruments are suitable for students in Secondary Schools.
Summary: Discover how to use the Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment (IE) Programme to meet the needs of young learners.

FIE Standard Level 1 Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment Programme

Who is it for?: Certificate Course for teachers, lecturers, psychologists, parents and support staff working in Primary, Special, Secondary and Further Education
Summary: Discover how to use the Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment (IE) Programme to unlock the potential in all learners.

A Mediational Approach to Learning and Teaching: the method of empowering educators to prepare their students for learning in the 21st century.

Who is it for?: Teachers and support staff at all stages
Summary: A generic introductory course intended for those who wish to learn how to use a Mediational Approach to Teaching and Learning (MLE).
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