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Title: Awareness Raising - an introduction to Feuerstein’s Theory and Methodology
Who is it for?: Educators, psychologists, employers, other specialists and parents
Tutor: Billy O’Neill from Feuerstein Training. Find out more about Billy from the Training page.



Learn how the theories and methods developed by Professor Reuven Feuerstein can significantly enhance teaching and learning.

“Fantastic. Very interesting. Want more. Would love to be trained in it.
All my pupils would benefit and 3 in particular. I’m an advocate. Thank you”

Full description

This course will introduce educators, psychologists, employers, other specialists and parents to the theory and practice of Structural Cognitive Modifiability (SCM) and Mediated Learning Experience (MLE), developed by Prof. Reuven Feuerstein. This theory states that learning ability can be significantly enhanced, regardless of age, nature, cause or severity of condition.

The theory of Structural Cognitive Modifiability and its applied systems demonstrate how the learning and adaptability of each individual may be significantly improved by producing structural changes in the brain; making the learner more modifiable - more able to learn and to benefit from direct exposure to the environment and to new experiences.


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An Introduction to the Theories and Methods of Professor Reuven Feuerstein - Sample of Evaluations from a 1 Day course at Glasgow University

Excellent introduction to the theory and practice. Well delivered, makes you
want to learn more to enhance practice and support learners.

I found the course very exciting as the opportunities for improvement were
clearly expressed and convincing. Quite wonderful.

Interesting and stimulating, exceptionally good speaker, Billy O' Neill.
Should be mandatory CPD.

Excellent, thought provoking. Certainly assists in confirming
and motivating my work in Behaviour Support.

Very inspirational. Makes me want to do further training a.s.a.p. - excellent stuff!

Very informative,worthwhile and enjoyable course.
Exceptionally knowledgeable presenter.


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